6:52 Express

6:52 Express - The Marriott Installation

Twilight Passage

Original Available: $1500.00

Limited Edition Prints Available:
Full Size Print   $200.00

Editions are limited to 1000 prints.

15” x 30"
This is one of seven paintings installed at the new Marriott hotel in Naperville, IL. The paintings were enlarged as murals and are up to eight feet tall or wide and are installed in the main lobby and resturant. One of the criteria for this hotel project was that local artists be used.  Three of the murals were chosen from existing paintings of mine, and then the client commissioned me for four additional paintings to be painted in my style based around travel themes. After submitting the final four paintings the response from the client was “LOVE. Please let the artist know that we are extremely happy with the commissioned work and thank you for all your help.” This is my first permanent major installation.

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