Artist Statement

I paint to…
capture glimpses of life and share them,
create bits of beauty that will bring pleasure,
create art solely for the joy of the process,
explore without fear of failure,
and to grow without boundaries.

Bret Steinhaus

I paint everyday images that are a part of my life experience. These glimpses of ordinary vistas are the beauty and joy that is around us every day.  My works include portraits, florals, rural scenes that combine simplicity with atmosphere, and urban landscapes which offer an endless supply of patterns, design, and composition. By not limiting my subject matter, it allows me to vary my approach with each painting and lets me experiment with light and color. For years I would have labeled my work as realism but my work over the last three years, with my exploration of colors, has evolved into impressionism.

My passion ever since I was a small child has been to create art. If I’m not painting, I’m thinking about painting. There are days when the first thing I do when I wake up in the morning is paint and the last thing I do before I sleep is paint. I do not do what is safe; I’m always trying something new. With experimentation there may come failure. However, out of that failure there may be one color combination that works. I find each new painting to be an exciting adventure. I may envision a particular outcome for a painting, only to find the painting itself is dictating its own route and destiny.

I would paint even without an audience, but the joy comes twice, once having produced a unique, successful painting, and twice by having someone else enjoy the piece.


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